.zuerich Registry Operator Website

This is the official Registry Website of the top-level domain .ZUERICH. The ICANN approved registry operator is the Canton of Zurich (Kanton Zürich)

NEW LAUNCH DATE: The .zuerich Top Level Domain is planned to launch in November 2021, the domain name will be available for companies and public authorities in the Canton of Zurich.

In September 2021 and October, 2021, Trademark owners with a registered Trademark in the Trademark Clearinghouse and public authorities may pre-order .zuerich Domains, before the launch in November 2021.

Companies and public authorities who wish to register a “.ZUERICH” domain name, must submit their registration requests to an accredited .ZUERICH domain name registrar. The list of accredited registrars will be published here in August, 2021.

For details please find the registration policies and launch phase requirements in the policies on the right side of this page.

The price range is expected to be 100-250 CHF per .Zuerich Domain name per year. The pricing will be set by each .ZUERICH Registrar.

Please revisit this website for additional information, which will be published in the late summer of 2021.

For additional information or if you are interested in becoming a .ZUERICH domain registrar please write to info@dotzuerich.ch

About Canton Zurich and the “.ZUERICH “ top level domain.

The Canton of Zurich is one of the largest of Switzerland’s 26 Cantons, or national districts, and is home to the city of Zurich, which is the largest city in the country. The city has throughout its long history played an important role in the cultural and historical development of the Swiss Confederation and the country’s national identity.

The applied-for TLD string, “ZUERICH,” represents the phonetic pronunciation of the German-speaking Canton. In German, the spelling of the Canton is “Zürich”. The Umlaut over the “u” in the word produces a “ue” sound, leading to the pronunciation of “Zuerich”, corresponding to the proposed TLD text. Thus, it has become standard amongst Swiss Internet users, when typing, to replace “ü” with “ue.” The logical TLD for the Canton is therefore “.ZUERICH.”

The Canton anticipates benefitting from this new space by providing a comprehensive and helpful location where interested parties can learn more about the opportunities available in Zurich.

WHOIS Search

Following the launch of the .Zuerich top-level domain, all interested parties can request information about registered domains to find out, if a domain is available for registration or who is the holder of a registered domain by using a WHOIS query.